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Useful Sites
Links to all kind of info sites

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3rd Party programs
  • pyfa (python fitting assistant) link
  • EvEMon (4.x.x ESI series skillplanner) link
  • ISK Per Hour (manufacturing helper) link
  • My EvE Tradehub item price checker (Quickly shows all tradehub prices for certain item) link
    If you want discuss about it, come see me on Discord
  • EvEMarketer (check item prices on eve) link
  • EvE Praisal (see your assests value) link
  • Tripwire (EvE WH Mapper) link
  • Thera WH map link
  • Ellatha EvE Wormhole list link
Character info
  • EvE Knife (my site for sharing almost any info about the character) link
  • EvE Skill Board (for showing character skills) link
  • EvE Who (some info about characters, friend or foe) link
  • Structure Fuel consumption and manufacturing spreadsheet,
    which calculates structure fuel need, and shows specs about the structure. link
    If you want the sheet for you or for your corp/alliance, come see me on Discord
  • EvE Industry (three handy calculators) link
  • EvE Cost (tons of all kind of calculators) link
Maps and navigation
  • Dotlan EvE Maps (maps done right) link
  • Daily sov maps link
  • EvE Info (Nice and cool map, and offers other info too) link
  • This site's damage table, useful for missioning link
  • EvE Survival (mission info) link
  • EvE University Wiki (EvE wiki offering loads of info) link
  • zKillboard (EvE kills) link
Other sites
  • EvE overview icons link
  • LP Store and various other info link

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